File Renamer 6.0.3

Sherrod Computers (Freeware)

File Renamer is a tool used for renaming several files all at the same time. The program has a Tool Tip function that helps users learn about the different tools the software offers. It is capable of renaming files, folders, and MP3 files. Other functions of the application are the following:

• Changes the dates for files (created, last accessed, and modified)
• Find and replace expressions and texts
• Supports renaming profiles
• Remove or modify file extensions
• Filter files and folders

The program has a simple interface that displays all the command buttons and tools for renaming files. Users can open folders and scan subfolders. All the properties for the files can be found at the bottom part of the main window. There are five tasks/commands – File Name, Delete/Remove, Find/Replace, Advanced, and ID3v1/ID3v2. Additionally, users can see a preview of the changes before any file or folder is modified. Users can create renaming profiles for settings that are often used. This eliminates the need to configure the settings before each task.

File Renamer comes with a comprehensive guide that covers several topics for using the features of the application. More help topics can also be found on the program’s official website.