File Recover 9.0.1

PC Tools (Shareware)

PC Tools File Recover is an application that can restore lost files such as music, photos, and documents. It can run multiple scan types such as quick scan, physical scan, or deep scan sessions. A quick scan is suitable for files that were deleted recently. Deep scan is suitable for files that are hard to retrieve. Lastly, the physical scan performs an in-depth scan of the user’s hard drive, including severely damaged media.

The application has a simple and intuitive user interface. Despite its advanced features, novice users can use the application. To begin scanning files, a user can select one of the preset scan types (Quick, Deep and Physical) and the hard drives (IDE, Parallel ATA and SCSI) that the application can check. It supports formatted hard drives with FAT32, FAT16 or NTFS file systems. It includes additional options that help users quickly retrieve lost files. These options include filtering file types to scan for, sort file sizes, and file names. It employs a rapid scan engine to retrieve files in just a few minutes.

All results are displayed in a directory with a hierarchical tree structure and a quick file evaluation. This evaluation tells a user if a file is in poor (red), good (yellow), or excellent (green) state.