File Helper 1.0

Blitware Technology Inc. (Shareware)

File Helper is a file manager developed by Blitware Technology Inc. for opening unrecognized files. Opening unrecognized files manually is often time-consuming, given that there are several proprietary file formats and extensions available. Also, the system still needs to find where the files are located, and this process is more difficult if the file is very rare, old, or is in a format that has been discontinued. This tool will provide the users with the appropriate solution for opening these unrecognized files.

File Helper scans the computer for unrecognized file types that cannot be opened. After identifying files, it will suggest applications that can be used to open and edit these unrecognized files. This software has an intuitive interface that also presents users with downloadable software recommendations compatible with the computer’s system. File types scanned and identified by this software are given their respective descriptions.

Other features of File Helper include the following:

• Huge database – The software’s database has support for several file types and their corresponding applications. Once it has scanned the system, it looks for errors and recommends the suitable applications to open each unrecognized file type.
• Continuous updates – The database containing the file types and applications updates itself automatically to provide the users with up-to-date solutions.