Abhishek (Freeware)

File Extension Changer is an application primarily used for changing the type and format of specific files on the computer. The program is not required to be installed in the user’s computer. It can be downloaded and stored immediately on any folder in the system instead. Also, when using this application, only the files selected by the user will have their extensions changed. It will not change other data such as that contained in the Windows registry.

To change a file extension using File Extension Changer, the user first loads the file into the interface. This is done using the file browser menu. The same task can be accomplished using the program’s drag-and-drop function. The user can then change the extension when the file is loaded. Even the format can be changed on the program’s window. A unique feature of the program is its ability to change the file’s extension into an extension that is not in the program’s database. A BAT file can also be created while the program is converting the files. Moreover, the user can download the list of files already renamed using the application.

File Extension Changer also supports batch processing. This means it has the ability to rename multiple files simultaneously.