File Encryption

Madcrosoft UK (Shareware)

Madcrosoft UK File Encryption is a software designed for advanced encryption to provide security to any type of file. It is a program that scrambles files to make them unreadable and inoperable by other users except for the file owners, safeguarding any confidential document or file stored in the drive. Madcrosoft UK File Encryption enables users to password protect documents of any file type through unbreakable encryption algorithm. All encrypted outputs are saved as .BIC format, which is only recognizable by Registry Cleaner. This allows secure file decryption through simple double-click function or direct open to Windows Explorer.

Madcrosoft UK File Encryption automatically runs a monitoring task that will calculate the carrier size of files subject to encryption. Manual navigation on the carrier size of files is done using the carrier flag feature that enables users to encode the size they intend their files to have. Additionally, file bits are stored automatically once a random file has been subjected to carrier size encryption. Key cache is also supported. This reduces task repetition for password encoding prior to encryption and decryption. The key cache box stores all passwords at a certain interval so that users can access files without typing passwords one at a time. After its time period has expired, the password details are deleted from the application's memory, and users will be required to enter the key for every document or file encrypted.