Fighter Ace 4.2

Ketsujin Studios (Shareware)

Fighter Ace 4.2 is a MMORPG aerial combat game developed by the company, Ketsujin Studios. In this game, the player handles World War II and Korean War fighter planes to engage in combat against other actual and virtual pilots. There are two factions, which players can join: the Allied and Axis powers. Therefore, the player can fly for such countries as Japan, Germany, Great Britain, or the United States in a various historical locations including Korea, Kursk, and Guadalcanal among others. Four main countries – Germany, England, Russia, and United States – belong to either free-for-all or team arenas and each have four different types of aircraft to choose from. The arenas are divided into beginner and regular categories, and the player must reach a specific kill-death ratio in order to be promoted.

The more damage an aircraft gains, it’s performance also degrades considerably. The player must focus more on the online environment than handling the aircraft in order to advance in this game. The game offers beyond 100 types of Korean and World War II vintage fighter planes and bombers and hundreds of virtual pilots. Players can also play offline and choose from five practice arenas, three flight physics level arenas, and 11 training missions.