FIFA Manager 12

Electronic Arts Inc. (Proprietary)

FIFA Manager 12 is the 11th installment in the FIFA Manager series developed by Bright Future GmbH. It is distributed by Electronics Arts and was first released in 2011. As a football manager simulation, the gameplay involves the player acting as the manager of a football team. The player takes control on managing the team including the team’s lineup, tactics, trainings, signing players, extending the team’s stadium and facilities, and others.

FIFA Manager 12 provides over 700 enhancements and additional features including:

• 3D Match – This new feature provides a 3D option when going on matches.
• Additional Club Facilities – FIFA Manager 12 also offers additional club facilities. 25 buildings are included in the game having a total of 289 configuration levels. Aside from this, the game also added three stadia that have 120,000 seats.
• Transfer Market – The game also made changes in the transfer section, wherein the player can now order a thorough analysis of the team. This analysis can help determine and remove the weak points of the team. The game also allows the AI clubs to trade in expensive stars who are no longer interested in extending their contracts.
• Teams – The game also made changes in the teams. Because of the cheating teams such as the Fenerbahçe, the game have deleted the information about these teams.