Electronic Arts (Shareware)

FIFA 12 is a football simulation game that was released in 2011. It is the 19th title in the FIFA football video games. There are three main features of the game – Impact Engine, Tactical Defending, and Precision Dribbling. The game has an advanced animation technology that uses collision physics in order to come up with various results that are dependent on the physical forces produced by in-game players. The new Impact Engine also has an effect on what type of injury a player sustains.

FIFA 12’s Tactical Defending system is geared more towards slowing down the opponent and this can result in making mistakes. The game’s defense is done manually and requires precision timing in order to be successful. Precision Dribbling enables the players to move around while protecting the character against the opponents. The close control feature also allows players to have better control of the ball.

Users can also play FIFA 12 online. The players start competing at the lowest division and rise up the ranks depending on the points gained for each game won. The online mode features ‘Head to Head Seasons’ wherein players must go through ten divisions in order to win the championship. The EA Sports Football Club tracks the player’s awards and progress in the game.