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FIFA 11 is the 2011 installment of the FIFA game series. It was developed by EA Canada and was first released on September 28, 2010.It features 39 national teams and 31 licensed leagues from over 20 countries. The game offers the same gameplay and structure as the previous installments with some added changes.

Unlike previous installments, FIFA 11 uses the Next Gen engine used in the Xbox and PS3 versions. It also made changes in the FIFA World, wherein the players can play against other players from other countries and win the top leaderboard position. However, players using manual control setup have a different leaderboard than those who use automatic setup. FIFA World can also be used to customize online avatars. The game also made changes in the Goalkeeper Intelligence wherein the goalkeepers have become more perceptive and urgent when it comes to intercepting loose balls. The game also features 360-dribbing providing finer controls on dribbling. This provides players the ability to find space for a better goal.

Other major changes made in FIFA 11 include the following:

• Manager Mode used in other platforms have been imported to PC version.
• Addition of Pro Club Championship and 5 vs. 5 online team matches
• Virtual Pro gameplay mode for creating game face on FIFA’s official website
• LAN play for mulitiplayer mode
• Creating tactics