EA Canada (Proprietary)

FIFA 10 is a football video game developed by EA Canada. It was released on October 1, 2009 in Australia and October 20, 2009 in North America. It is the second installment sponsoring a football club. The game features more than 500 teams and 30 leagues. A total of 41 national teams are also available including the addition of Russian Premier League. The game also features 50 stadiums with different weather conditions.

The game features several changes in the gameplay. Here are some of them:

• Manager Mode – FIFA 10 still features the Manager Mode where players control a club in any of the available leagues. In this mode, the Live Season feature has been added. This feature tracks the player’s “form” based on his performance.
• Total Football Experience – This is a new feature included in FIFA 10 where in all the new events in the Manager Mode world can be viewed. Players can check player fixtures, transfers, and results in this feature. There is also the Assistant Manager, which the player can use to look out for the lineup of the team or to change the squad according to upcoming matches.
• Financial system – The game’s finances are still based on team sponsor and board of directors of the club. However, it is now more focused on the board of directors instead of team sponsors.
• Growth System – The player’s performance is now tracked by in-game performances instead of the manual experience growth.
• Virtual Pro – This feature provides the player a way to create a football player character and used it on the four season of Be a Pro.