EA Canada (Proprietary)

FIFA 09 is a football video game that was released in 2008. EA Canada developed the game. Electronic Arts published it worldwide under the EA Sports label. The game allows players to play simulated football games in single-player and multiplayer mode. FIFA 09 features over 250 improvements over previous versions of the game. Responsiveness has been improved. This results in greater speed to react to the ball.

FIFA 09 features an option to customize a team's tactics. It allows the player to tune up and balance using a number of attacking and defending options. In this way, computer-controlled teams will act just like the real-world teams. Players can save these tactics to exploit the opposing team's weak points. Users are also allowed to play as a professional player over a four-season campaign. The game allows users to develop the skills of the player on the road to becoming a football legend. There is also an option to create a new player.

FIFA 09 has a new goalkeeper technology. This improvement now enables the goalkeeper to have better positioning and better responsiveness to saves. With the weather and time system, there are now rain and snow matches. Games can also occur in any time of the day.
Other features of the games are:
• Customized controllers
• 10 vs 10 online play
• Create your own football club