EA Canada (Proprietary)

FIFA 07 is a football video game developed and released by Electronic Arts for different consoles and platforms in 2007. This video game is the fourteenth installment of football-based video games released under the FIFA franchise. FIFA 07 is based on the premiere football league, FIFA or Federation Internationale de Football Association. This video game simulates FIFA leagues and championships and features more than 510 playable teams in 50 leagues from over 20 member countries. FIFA 07 includes over 10,000 licensed players including superstars like Ronaldinho of FC Barcelona, Wayne Rooney of Manchester United, David Villa of Valencia CF, and Kaka of Milan CF. the photos of these players also appear in the cover design of the video game.

FIFA o7 introduces more interactive leagues with smarter Artificial Intelligence and responsive spectators. The crowds now react to every move done by the player in the game. FIFA 07 also features a Manager mode, which allows players to manage a team and let the players gain experience and overall rating. Players also get to experience improved movements such as passing, free kick, crossing, shooting, and goal keeping. Improved ball physics provides new player challenges as the ball now reacts to the weather condition. In addition to these, players get to create and manage their own teams and let them participate in leagues.