FIFA 07 Demo

Game Front (Freeware)

FIFA 07 Demo is a soccer sim program with realistic features. The format and game play requires the player to employ tactics as they would in real life. In order to win in this exciting and immersive computer game, players have to think like FIFA players and employ tactics as if they are playing actual European football matches.

This game uses the names of real soccer players from different leagues around the world by virtue of the license that it possesses. This feature is one of the top characteristics that set this video game apart from others in the genre. The schedule of play also approximates match schedules in real life. Players of FIFA 07 go against competing teams who belong to the EA Sports Interactive Leagues.

This simulation application has additional features that further enhance the realism of the game. For instance, fan songs and chanting are included and the sound effects closely mimic the sounds of a real-world soccer game. The players are also designed such that they respond and move about the field in pursuit of the ball. They move smartly and make tactical decisions

This game also has a Manager Mode for players who’d rather engage in managerial activities related to soccer.