EA Sports (Proprietary)

FIFA 06 is a soccer-themed video game developed by EA Sports and released on September 2005. It is the 13th game in the FIFA game series and originally named FIFA 2006. This game enables players to control their own soccer team and manage a soccer career. It is available in single player mode and multiplayer mode. It can also be played online in the multiplayer mode.

FIFA 06 features a Career mode, which enables the user to create a player by inputting a name, country, and date of birth. Players can then choose which team to join as well as manage. Clubs with four stars and below may be selected. As a new additional feature, players also need to manage a soccer club’s financial budget and build on it. Players also need some negotiation skills to draft a sponsor for their club. The sponsor will provide the club with weekly payments, as well as bonuses upon completion of certain expectations like winning soccer cups. If these expectations are not met, the player may lose the sponsorship. Not only that, the players have to manage team chemistry, player morale, board expectations, and keep the fans happy. It is important to meet the board’s expectations as the player’s employment for the next season depends on it. If the player gets sacked, he will need to find another club. The players lose their career when they get sacked for too many times.  To achieve all this, the players have to win cups as often as possible.