Fiesta Online

ONSON SOFT Co. LTD. (Freeware)

Fiesta Online is a MMORPG featuring 3D anime characters inhabiting Isya, the game’s setting. Five game classes include clerics, fighters, tricksters, mages, and archers.

Every class has three ranks showing a specific path they must follow for them to advance in terms of equipment and skills that they can use. Skills come in three types. Active skills are used throughout adventures and during combat and is the only type of skill that can be empowered via the skill window. Each has its own respective spirit, class, and level point requirements. Passive skills are those the players learns but never uses. They cannot be upgraded and they also increase certain character aspects like weapon damage. Alchemy skills are also money making skills which are used to upgrade stones to scrolls, armor, weapons, and decomp/comp skills which allows characters to create or break down different materials from lower or higher tier resources with the help of alchemy stones. Money that players can earn through in-game item selling and successful quests completions come in the form of gems, gold, silver, and copper. Lastly, other game features include titles, cards, guilds, academies, an in-game wedding system, armor and weapon enhancements, cash shops, and an estate system.