Fiber Twig 1.0

Puzzle Lab (Shareware)

Fiber Twig is a puzzle game developed by PuzzleLab and distributed by several publishing companies (i.e. iWin, Big Fish Games, Reflexive Arcade, and Gamehouse). It was initially released on August 25, 2004. In this game, the player’s main goal is to search for missing twigs and re-create fairy-tale garden designs that are destroyed because of a hurricane.

The gameplay involves the player connecting twigs in order to recreate the original pattern. Players can choose from several twigs that are passing by at the bottom area of the game’s interface. These twigs are slowly accumulating. The player must ensure that the twigs don’t fill up that area or else the game is lost. The game also features a dropping section where unwanted/unnecessary twigs can be placed. This dropping section helps players prevent twigs from filling up. The twigs that are used in the playing field must be attached to the other twigs already placed in the field. In order to complete the level, the player must continue to connect twigs until they reach the top of the screen. Fiber Twig also features several bonuses and magical tools, which help players accomplish the goal. Players must complete 18 levels in order to finish the game.