Bondware (Shareware)

Ferryman is a fractal generator that is useful to creative people who like fractal design in their visual graphical output. This program is known to its users as a flexible, light and powerful utility. It is a programming environment that is popular to visual artists and graphic designers because of its many functionalities and the relative ease of use.

One of the features of this program is the Free Panel algorithm that gives the user the power to design fractals using the computer mouse. Another featured function is the Script Panel. This one allows designers to write scripts in order to produce fractals.

In addition to these two popular functionalities of this program, there are more to Ferryman that’s beneficial to users. Ferryman is an integral fractal management utility wherein all the algorithms can be managed under one plugin. The workspace contains fractal documents as well as HTML pages. This utility is also designed to be capable of integrating external tools.

Ferryman’s tools are all designed to make the processes of designing and managing fractals very convenient. This utility features two language interfaces and the property editor will display the language that the user prefers to use. Aside from the bridging of the language gap, this feature also allows for fast completion of work when shared by two teams because it has quick transition features from one language to the next.