Ferro CCTV 3.6.1

FERRO Software (Shareware)

Ferro CCTV is a surveillance system management program developed by Ferro Software and released on April 2013. The program is designed to manage digital and even analog cameras simultaneously as part of the surveillance system. The program can handle up to 9 cameras and 9 microphones at the same time. Users may view videos and images captured by each camera, and listen in and record the audio captured by each microphone synced to each camera. The program utilizes MPEG-4 video file format for its video and audio recordings.

Ferro CCTV likewise offers audio detection and motion detection features. These functions enable the program to record only when there is movement or sound detected. This allows users to save on space because the recording function is triggered only when something is happening. Whether or not the cameras installed are capable of motion-detection, the program itself supports the function. The less disk space used, the more relevant recordings can be stored in the drive. The program can be set to run 24 hours a day. However, the user has to click on Auto-Start recording to activate this feature.

Ferro CCTV also allows users to securely manage access to the system through password setting. The program can likewise be hidden by opting to run it in the background. This feature hides the program user interface so that even though another person accesses the computer, the program will stay undetected. The program also offers other functions like time stamp and synchronous playback.