Fences Installation 2.01

Stardock Corporation (Proprietary)

Fences is a utility used for organizing the icons on the computer desktop. Icons on the desktop can be grouped together to form fences. These groups can be moved around the desktop. The program can remove the clutter on the desktop or make it easier for users to access files and programs by grouping similar icons into separate fences. Users can also create pages of fences on the desktop. This is useful when the user wants only one group of icons to appear on the desktop. Other icons can be accessed by ‘flipping the page’. This can be done by clicking on the edge of the screen and dragging the mouse pointer across the page. All the icons can also be removed from the desktop just by double clicking and empty space on the desktop.

Other features of the Fences desktop management program include the following:
• Support for desktop portal for accessing files easily
• Users can define rules for how the icons appear on the fence
• The look and transparency of the fence can be changed
• Create shaded areas on the desktop and label them
• Fences are resizable and can be placed anywhere on the desktop