Stardock Corporation (Freeware)

Fences is a desktop organizer application. Users can clean and organize the desktop by grouping icons, hiding unused icons, and placing the icons on one part of the desktop. Doing this can create more free space on the desktop and make it look less cluttered. The icon groups can be labeled for easy access. Icons can be organized according to type, or use. Users can also choose from pre-set desktop layouts or create their own. The application has a double click feature that hides all the icons on the desktop. This can be done by double clicking on an empty space. Double clicking again will reveal the desktop icons.

When organizing icons, the fences can be resized to minimize the space that it takes up on the desktop. A scroll bar pops up to show all the contents of the minimized fence. Users can also customize the fences by changing the color.

Fences enables users to take a snapshot of the desktop layout for reference. This is useful when changing the computer’s resolution. The snapshot will bring back the icons to their respective places when the resolution is reverted. The snapshot tool is also useful for switching desktop layouts without having to redo them all over again.