Feeding Frenzy

Sprout Games, LLC (Shareware)

Feeding Frenzy is an arcade game released in 2004. In the game, players control a sea creature and must feed on smaller fish that appear on the screen. After eating a certain amount of fish, the creature evolves and turns into a bigger fish. Players go through two evolutions in each level. There are five types of fishes that the player can control. These are:

• Andy (Angel Fish) – quick dash and burst of speed
• Leon (Lion Fish) – ability to suck fishes
• Eddie (Angler Fish)
• J.D. (John Dory)
• Orville (Orca)

Players go through 40 levels in the game. Aside from the main goal of eating fishes, players must also evade sea creatures that are larger than the controlled character to avoid getting eaten. There are also other traps placed under the sea including mines, depth charges, jellyfishes, and poisoned fishes.

Feeding Frenzy offers two game modes – normal mode and time attack mode. In normal mode, the player’s main goal is to be the biggest fish in the level. In time attack mode, players must reach the top of the food chain in a certain amount of time. In the last level of the game, players control Orville the Orca and beat the Shark King.