Feed Notifier 2.6

Michael Fogleman (Freeware)

Feed Notifier is a utility tool developed that displays notifications when new items come out of the subscribed RSS or Atom feeds of the user. It is located on the computer’s system tray or status bar, and notifications simply pop up on the screen. This tool provides the users with synchronized RSS or Atom notifications directly on their desktop, and eliminates clutter from the feed unlike other RSS reader tools.

Feed Notifier allows the user to customize the interface by using selectable themes. Users can track any number of feeds and configure the polling intervals of every feed. This application has a do-not-disturb mode for deactivating the support for applications and proxy server temporarily when the user becomes idle. The pop-up notification feature has configurable options, which include the duration, size, border size, color, position, and transparency of the pop-up window. Pop-ups display the age and the author of the feed. Next and previous items on the feed can be viewed and controlled by the navigation controls.

Feed Notifier provides support for all RSS or Atom Web feed protocols and launching of the feeds from Web browsers like Firefox. It also provides support for authenticated feeds which require a username and password. Users can enable or disable individual feeds. This application also has advanced keyword filtering options and support for multi-threading of feed polls.