Delcam USA (Shareware)

FeatureCAM is a CAD application that is intended for use in production machining, automotive engineering, and aerospace component design and engineering. It is designed to get CAD data such as a 3D model or a drawing and transfer it to the cutting machine. It makes use of feature-based technology to recognize components easily so that cutting can be done as quickly as possible. Using this program, tooling fixtures and fittings, plates, covers, brackets, and general shop parts can easily be created and cut.

With this application, users can simply make a CAD drawing or import it. They can then identify part components as features, click the simulation button, and the program will then generate the NC code. The application will automatically calculate the feeds and speeds, select the necessary tools, and determine the roughing as well as the finishing operations. The user can change the suggested parameters as needed.

FeatureCAM can import from a number of applications, including Autodesk Inventor. It has support for industry-standard file types, such as DXF, DWG, and IGES. It also provides users with access to an extensive library of post processors, as well as options for feed rate optimization and the ability to create custom posts and modify existing ones. It also allows users to create toolpaths easily through the use of step-by-step wizards.