Monolith Productions, Inc. (Shareware)

F.E.A.R. or First Encounter Assault Recon is a horror video game that was initially released in 2005. In the game, the player controls the Point Man who works for F.E.A.R., a special forces team. The player must discover the hidden secrets of paranormal activities brought on by a little girl named Alma. The game is played in a first person perspective. The weapons used in the game include machine guns, pistols, rifles, as well as fictional weapons like particle beams.

The game is known for its horror theme that is reminiscent of Japanese horror. At the beginning of the game, only a few details are revealed to the player. More of the story unfolds as the player progresses. One of the features of the game is reflex time. In reflex time, the surroundings of the player slow down while the player continues to carry out actions in regular speed. During reflex time, Point Man’s superhuman reflexes are stimulated.

F.E.A.R. can also be played in multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode, there are several types of games that can be played. These are deathmatch, capture the flag, last man standing, and team deathmatch. The reflex time feature is also available in multiplayer mode. However, only one player can use it at a given time.