FTweak (Freeware)

FCleaner is a system utility that is specifically used to optimize and clean one’s Windows Registry, as well as disk drives without altering one’s system and software settings and configurations.

FCleaner allows the user to eliminate registry entries rendered invalid and remove unused files, as well as those considered unnecessary and potentially hazardous. These unusable and expendable files slow down the computer system by using up disk space. Examples of files which can be cleaned are Windows and temporary log files, clipboard, memory dumps, saved passwords, typed URL, Internet and thumbnail cache, sessions and form information, start menu, and desktop shortcuts, etc. By removing such files and tweaking one’s system, the computer’s speed and performance are greatly improved.

Its browser cache cleaner allows the user great flexibility in determining the items to clean and retain and provides valuable information on each selection and exclusion.  It also provides security and privacy enhancing features. In the case of Internet History, a user has the option to remove cookies and all traces of past Web activities.  

Unlike other registry cleaner, it does not render spyware and adware.  It has an enhanced uninstaller and enables one to make a number of changes with just one click.