FC-7501 control software 1.3

kramer (Freeware)

FC-7501 Control Software is an optional software package to be used with a hardware component that converts composite video, s-video, and component videos. It simultaneously auto-converts PAL, SECAM, and NTSC composite videos. With the device, the user can view videos in the said formats on a personal computers. The user can produce and broadcast videos from betacam components to component or SDI displays.  

The control software interface has a menu bar that has command buttons labeled Switcher, Edit, Scanner, Tools, and Help.  The Switcher command button contains a dropdown menu containing the following commands: “Split” divides the K-router Interface window into 4 separate windows; “Audio-follow-window” relates to audio and video channels; “VIS” is VIS settings and Sync status; “Rename switcher” allows the user to rename a switcher; and “Switcher information” defines the switcher info.
The second command button is “Edit”. It has a dropdown menu for “Undo all” to revert to previous commands up to the start and “Edit last” to revert to last command. “Scanner” presents the user with a Scanner table of number sequences where inputs are scanned and “Dwell Time” for the number of seconds before the input connects to the output. “Tools” has a pop-up window for color setting for video and audio links, thumbnails, and backgrounds, and includes default settings.   The user has a choice of this interface or a basic Windows interface for the software.