FBI - Paranormal Case

Anuman Interactive (Shareware)

FBI – Paranormal Case is a hidden object game where players must help an FBI agent solve a case. Players must look for items all over the world to help the agent solve the mystery. When players visit a location, a list of all the items that need to be found are located at the bottom part of the game window. There are some places wherein players have to find multiple items of the same kind. When items are located, users just have to click on them with the mouse and it will disappear from the list. Players can also use the hint system to locate items within a scene, but hints must be used sparingly as they are limited. In addition to the hidden object gameplay, players will also be presented with other puzzles that must be solved. Some of these include match 3 puzzles and puzzles where users must connect pieces. As players visit more locations and collect more items, more of the storyline is revealed. Some items are easier to locate than others.

Other features of the FBI – Paranormal Case game are the following:

• Realistic and high quality game graphics
• Animated gameplay that improves playing experience
• Challenging tasks that players must complete