FBI Paranormal Case: Extended Edition

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

FBI Paranormal Case: Extended Edition is a game in the hidden object genre. This game follows the actions of James, an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation who has just been given a promotion. He now works at the Department of Unclosed Case Files. While doing his job of looking through case files, he uncovers documents containing notes that lays the foundation to an international conspiracy. James investigates the plot to conceal the massive secret that puts his life in danger.

Players must help James discover what the truth is by looking for clues in different locations. This game takes players to numerous places of intrigue in the world, such as the Bermuda Triangle. During the investigation, players will discover clues about supposed paranormal activities and also counter sabotage attempts. There are more than 40 places to inspect for clues and hidden objects. There are also mini-games that can be played to advance in the game and provide more clues.

Players can zoom in on certain locations to help them find the objects they are looking for. The game also provides players with reloadable hints to help them locate hard-to-find items. The items that must be found are listed at the bottom of the screen. Once all the items have been found, players advance to the next location or puzzle.