FBackup 4.8

Softland (Freeware)

FBackup is a program with the primary use of creating back-up files for computer devices. Creating a backup is the process by which another copy of all the files saved on a computer is created. The copy is then stored on a separate device or location which can be external hard drives, a CD/DVD, or network drives. This process is important for personal and business users to protect important information from being lost due to an accident or a virus attack.

FBackup allows users to run the backup process or have it scheduled to run on a predefined schedule. The level of detail can be customized as well. Users can decide to back up the whole computer or to perform partial backups. The backup files can then be compressed using standard ZIP files before they are transferred to the destination drives. This program has the Windows Shadows copy feature which allows it to back up the files even they are in use, open, or locked. The user interface is divided into two (2) parts and utilizes the wizard mode. The wizard mode is a user-friendly functionality which provides a simple description of each of the program steps as users proceed with the backup process.