Thought Communications, Inc. (Proprietary)

FaxTalk is a computer application that acts like a virtual fax machine. Using this software, the user can fax documents to other fax machines without the need for a peripheral device, such as a fax machine. Alternatively, the user can receive faxed documents on the computer.

Through FaxTalk, users can create documents using other computer applications such as Microsoft Office Word. With this program, there is no need to print the document on paper and fax it using a standalone fax machine. Instead, the document only needs to be saved in a folder before the software can open and send it. After that, the user can preview how the output document looks. To send the document, the program can sift through the user's contacts in Microsoft Outlook and then send the fax through e-mail. Junk faxes can also be avoided with this software. This is made possible by the software's filter algorithm, which prevents the reception of these correspondences.

In the program's interface, the fax document is displayed on the main pane. A list of all the files and folder on the computer can be seen on the left portion of the window. Whatever document is clicked on this pane is displayed on the main pane. Other utilities and functions are situated on the far left of the interface.