FavBackup 2.1.3

FavBrowser (Freeware)

FavBackup is a backup application that enables users to save browser settings and information. Users have the option to save full backups or just select a few settings to be backed up. It supports popular web browsers, such as Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. The application has a simple user interface with five main menus. The menus are:

• Backup – Allows users to backup different settings and profiles from popular web browsers.
• Restore – Restores the settings and profiles based on the backups created using the application.
• Full Backup – Performs entire backups of profiles from the selected web browser.
• Full Restore – Fully restores profiles and settings from backups created with the application.
• Convert – Converts web browser settings for 32-bit systems for compatibility with 64-bit systems.

FavBackup operates with a wizard that helps users through the backup process. On the wizard window, users can select saved items to backup, such as preferences, download history, bookmarks, extensions, history, saved form data, and many others. Users can just place a check beside the box to backup. Users can also choose the backup location for files and select a profile. This program is easy to use and does not clog up system resources.