Fate of the Dragon

Object Software (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (Proprietary)

Fate of the Dragon is a real time strategy game based on historical context centered on the age-old Kingdoms of China. The game was developed by Object Software Co., Ltd. Players are able to take the characters of one Kingdom warlord from a selection of three from various dynasties and the objective of the game is for the player to successfully build and run a fully functioning kingdom. Apart from building a kingdom, it is also the objective of the player to develop a series of strategies that will enable him or her to conquer the lands of other warlords.

Aside from building a kingdom, the player must be able to develop weapons, armories, and train troops of soldiers before facing the enemies. When the wrong strategy is played out, the enemies can defeat the main player’s soldiers and if this happens, the player must start from the beginning.

Players that participate in the Fate of the Dragon game must be able to take over the different enemy lands in order to have full control of the three kingdoms in the game. When these three kingdoms are under one ruler, the player will be able to reunify China ending the game in a victory.