WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

FATE is a single player role playing game that was released in 2005. In the game, players must progress through levels by defeating monsters, completing quests and challenges, collecting resources, and leveling up their character. The character does quests with a pet (dog or cat), who can defeat enemies, carry items, and sell resources. Unlike the game character, the pet cannot be killed.

At the beginning of the game, players will find themselves in the town of Grove. They will then make their way to the 45th level of the dungeon in order to defeat the boss. Before doing so, they must defeat monsters along the way.

The player levels up through experience points. Once the character reaches a certain level, the skills and attributes increase. These skills include magic, vitality, dexterity, and strength. Aside from the main game quests, there are also side quests wherein players must retrieve an item for the townspeople from the dungeon. Players must eliminate all the monsters and defeat a boss for this type of quest. Players get experience points, gold, and fame points upon completing side quests.

FATE has a randomized game set-up. All the enemies and treasures for each level are randomly placed for a better game experience.