Apteco Ltd. (Proprietary)

FastStats is a program suite for analyzing marketing data. It is composed of several applications that enable users to examine business data, thereby providing them with insights to consumer behavior and their target market. The tools provided by the programs can provide users with accurate results, in effect aiding business managers in making informed decisions on marketing campaigns.

Data analysis is made easy with the suite’s intuitive user interface and drag and drop method of importing data. There are also Wizards that come with every application to guide users in analysis. There are 10 applications in the program suite, including a mobile reporting app. These programs focus on different areas of analysis and enable users to perform various tasks, such as campaign management, customer profiling and analysis, database creation, customized reporting, and geographical analysis and visualization.

Some of the applications in the FastStats program suite are the following:

• Discoverer – provides users with tools for data mining analysis and data exploration to help in understanding customers.
• Designer – lets users build, configure, and load database systems.
• Geo – helps users increase insight into their target market. It integrates with Microsoft MapPoint, OpensStreetMap, and Microsoft Bing to enable users to visualize their data’s spatial distribution so that they can have an idea where to conduct their marketing campaigns.