FastPreview 3.3

Nils Maier (Freeware)

FastPreview is an application used for displaying photos that are stored in the computer. It can be a replacement for the Windows photo viewer and was initially developed as an alternative to PicaView. In addition to displaying the image, users can also view the complete image properties of the selected image. The General tab displays the filename of the image, the type of file, its location in the system, its size, date of creation, date of modification, and the time it was last accessed. Users can also access the security details of the image under the Security tab. Under the tab, users can view the list of usernames that can edit the image, and the list of permissions for the particular photo.

Other main features of the FastPreview program are the following:

• photos and images are automatically set to fit the desktop screen when they are opened with the application
• supports a wide variety of image file formats
• dimensions of photos and images can be changed when users click on the preview
• the program is integrated into the File Properties Pages and displays camera information, XMP information, and media information
• the program does not take up a lot of system resources