FastImageResizer 0.7.5

Stefano Perna (Freeware)

FastImageResizer is a simple tool that enables users to resize their images without having to do it manually. With the application, users can just choose the size and the program automatically adjusts the image. It has a simple and intuitive user interface, which makes it ideal to use for beginners and advanced computer users alike.

The application’s window consists of the resize options menu, which consists of four dimensions (320 by 240, 640 by 480, 800 by 600, and 1024 by 768). There is also an option that allows users to set a custom size for the image. When this option is selected, users must provide the width and height measurement for the photo. The program also offers a “Fast Resize” feature, so users do not need to configure the size.

The program’s Settings window enables users to set the default image size (supply width and height), and the default image format by choosing the image file format from a drop down list. The quality of the image can be adjusted by using the slider and moving it towards minimum or maximum. The last setting is the default path for the output file. This determines the location where the program will save the image after resizing.