FastFontPreview 3.0

LamniSoft (Freeware)

FastFontPreview is an application used for managing fonts that are installed in the system and fonts that are saved in an external hard drive or USB thumb drive. The program consists of basic tools and features for font management. It has a simple user interface that provides samples of fonts that are detected in the system. The program supports OpenType, TrueType, TrueType Collection, PS Open Type, and PostScript Type 1 fonts.

The application has a simple user interface. The list of all detected fonts is displayed on the left panel of the main window in a tree view, and the fonts can be viewed on the right side of the window. The Options window enables users to change the font size and the sample text when viewing fonts.

Other features of the FastFontPreview program are the following:

• detected fonts can be viewed with sample text specified by the user
• supports Unicode characters
• users can add fonts to a Favorites folder for easier access later on
• sample font size of fonts can be from 2 pixels to 100 pixels
• easy to use even for novice computer users

FastFontPreview does not take up a lot of system resources.