Shirouzu Hiroaki (Freeware)

FastCopy is a program that enables users to manage the copy and transfer of their files. This program can perform file copy and transfers faster than the standard Windows copying command (Ctrl + C). This enables users to copy or transfer their files within a hard drive or between drives without slowing down other system processes. FastCopy is portable, lightweight and is readily available for free download in the Internet.

FastCopy has a simple interface that has directory browsers and a variety of controls that execute actions. Located on the top portion are two directory browsers, “Source” and “DestDir”. The “Source” button lets users locate their target file in their file directory while “DestDir” allows users to designate the output location of the file. In addition, FastCopy has a several command buttons that execute actions such as:

• Diff (No Overwrite) – this allows users to copy files with no overwriting if the source file name is not present in the target folder.
• Diff (Size/Date) – this allows users to copy files if the date and size of the files in the source folder is not the same as those in the selected location.
• Diff (Newer) – this command copies files if the time stamp of the files in the source folder is newer.
• Copy (Overwrite All) - this command copies all data and overwrites those in the destination.
• Sync (Size/Date) – this command synchronizes the contents of the source folder and output directory. Files that no longer exist in the source folder are deleted.
• Move (Overwrite All) – this transfers all the files from the source to the output location.
• Delete – this erases files in the directory.

FastCopy comes with a variety of configurable options that allow users to manage how the program executes its actions. Users may set the buffer size, adjust the speed of operation, enable the verification of written data or adjust the estimated time for completion.