Fast Duplicate File Finder

MindGems, Inc. (Freeware)

Fast Duplicate File Finder is a program used for finding duplicate files. It is available in two editions – Free and Professional. The Professional edition contains all the features available in the Free edition with added functionality and features. The application is capable of finding duplicate files even if they have different filenames. It works by utilizing the binary comparison algorithm allowing it to compare the content of the files and not just the file attributes (size and name). The program is also capable of finding duplicate content despite having different file types.

Fast Duplicate File Finder offers an internal preview feature. This allows users to preview the content of a file whether it is a text, video, image, or audio file. Previewing common file formats is possible as well. After it is done scanning the selected folder, network, or drive, it displays all the detected duplicate files within a group. Older files are automatically marked for deletion. However, the program can also exclude certain files from the auto-mark feature based on user-specified attributes (i.e. file dates, file extensions, file sizes, etc…). Excluding a certain folder from the auto mark function is also possible. Critical system files are also automatically protected from deletion.

Fast Duplicate File Finder also features the following:

• Multi-language support for file systems
• Finding duplicate files automatically in Windows Explorer
• Quick check or uncheck dialog box
• Exclude and filter functions from auto-check
• Opening of files with related programs