Fashionista 1

Vast Studios Inc. (Shareware)

Fashionista is a fashion-themed simulation game developed by the company, Vast Studios and published by Wild Tangent Games. In this game, the player takes on the role of the editor of a high-end fashion magazine that aims to instill good taste in its readers. A character named Lilly Chan helps the player in making major decisions on how the magazine should me managed. The main goal of the player is to sell as many copies of the magazine as possible in order to make it successful. One of the primary tasks of the player is following the current trend in choosing attires for various models.

The game starts with an overview of the town, which contains various establishments like boutiques and specialty stores. Most of the shopping is done at the city mall, as it houses a wide selection of tops, dresses, accessories, and footwear. As the player progresses in the game, new shops that contain more exclusive items are unlocked. After purchasing the first set of items, the player needs to form a team that includes a model, photographer, writer, and editor. These characters can be hired through different agencies, which the player will rely on for more employees as the magazine business expands. The most crucial task of the player of this game is following Lilly’s advice regarding the clothes that are featured in the magazine.