Fashion Season

Alawar Entertainment (Shareware)

Fashion Season is an arcade puzzle fashion game wherein players create matching sets of accessories to make outfits. It has runway-themed gameplay, locations, and music. It also provides six unique power-ups that can help players to finish the game stages.

The objective of the game is to finish an outfit for the customer and earn a specific number of points that must be equal or greater than the target score. A customer’s mood will get worse if a player is taking too much time to create their order. A gift will raise the customer’s mood. Players must click and drag the accessories from the bottom of the screen to their corresponding shapes. If a player is able to place three accessories with the same color side by side, they will make a combo and fast-track the creation of the customer’s outfit. If players pick up accessories that they do not need, they can drop it into the basket. Dropping items into the basket will worsen the customer’s mood. There are six power ups: coins, hints, bonus symbols, pause, paint, and the changing symbol.

Coins are used to buy new customer gifts and collections. Hints are used to show gaps where a player can place accessory symbols. Coins and hints are acquired by filling gaps where it is held. Bonus symbols simply give extra points. The pause feature will stop the game. Paint allows players to fill gaps in the same color.