Fashion Cents Gents 1.1

My Game Company (Shareware)

Fashion Cents Gents is a dress up game for children. It is the second installment in the Fashion Cents game series. In this edition, players get to dress up men instead of women. The aim of the game is to come up with a certain number of outfits for the men on the game screen. Players can get items of clothing from the top portion of the main window. Players must create color matches by adding items of clothing that are the same color as those already on the men. Players can get more points by adding accessories, such as scarves and jackets. Furthermore, players can choose from a wide variety of beards and mustaches to match the model’s attire.

When players are stuck, they can make use of the hint button that is located on the left portion of the game window. There is also an undo button when players make mistakes. From time to time, there are power ups that appear on the upper part of the main window. These power ups can be used to create matching outfits. Another feature of the game is support for players who are color blind. They can play the game by right clicking on a piece of clothing to see a list of colors.