Fashion Cents Deluxe 1.1.1

My Game Company (Shareware)

Fashion Cents Deluxe is a dress up game that is similar to an online paper doll. The game was designed for little girls of all ages. The aim of the game it to come up with a number of outfits from the available pieces on the game screen. Players must complete the number on the shopping bag in order to move on to the next level. Pieces of clothing can only be used if they match colors that are already on the doll. Players get more points for matching accessories with the outfit. In addition to tops, bottoms, and shoes, players can also add purses and glasses to increase the point value of the outfit.

Players can also get special items that will help in creating outfits. Some of these special items include the following:

• Gift box – The gift box is a free pass that players can use in order to come up with a complete outfit immediately. To use this, players just need to drop the gift box on any doll on the game screen.
• Credit card – The credit card gives the player a free outfit match when used.
• Scissors – The scissors is used for cutting a piece of clothing from the doll or from the shelf at the top portion of the screen.
• Bleach bottle – A piece of clothing turns white when bleach is used on it.

In addition to the colorful outfits, denim and black-colored pieces may also appear on the shelf. These pieces are wildcards and may be used with any color outfit.