Faronics Data Igloo Standard

Faronics Corporation (Freeware)

Faronics Data Igloo Standard is a tool that is closely tied to the operations of another utility called Deep Freeze. The main purpose of the developers of Data Igloo is to redirect the content of a computer system to a different location such that when there is a reboot, all the data are retained. It is designed to work in tandem with Deep Freeze which restores a computer system to its baseline state when a reboot occurs

This program is typically utilized to ensure that data are retained on machines that are under the protection of Deep Freeze. With these two utilities working in concert, there is greater assurance that machines are operating optimally and the date they contain are 100% safe and secure.

Here are the key features of Faronics Data Igloo Standard:
• Redirects folders, registry keys and user profiles to a ThawSpace to keep them from being frozen
• Provides enterprise controls such that the features are controlled and managed efficiently
• Offers an intuitive and user-friendly experience
• Does not require high level of user training for full utilization of features
• Automatic sorting and redirection of modifications and new data

For users that do not have Deep Freeze, they may still take advantage of the features of Faronics Data Igloo Standard.