Farmscapes CE 1

Playrix (Shareware)

Farmscapes CE is the collector’s edition version of the original Farmscapes game. In this game, players get to meet Farmer Joe and his grandson Tom. Players must help Joe and Tom restore their ranch by selling the farm’s produce such as honey, vegetables, eggs, and fruits and earning money to restore the farm with. Players will need to take care of the farm animals and the farm’s crops, upgrade and make new buildings, and buy more livestock as needed.

The game makes use of a blend of hidden object, simulation, and match-3 game genres. In this game, rhere are 30 match-3 levels to finish in order to earn in-game cash for farm upgrades and other necessities. There are also exclusive accessories for the farm in the collector’s edition, in addition to desktop wallpapers, an animated screensaver, the game soundtrack, and a walkthrough.

The game lists down the tasks players need to do at the left corner of the game screen. Players control either Tom or Joe to accomplish the given tasks. In the hidden object scenes, the items to be found are listed at the bottom of the screen. When found, the items are crossed off. In the match-3 levels, players must match 3 or more similar objects by swapping adjacent tiles to the left, right, top, or bottom.