Farming-Simulator 2009 Demo

Giant Software (Proprietary)

Farming-Simulator 2009 Demo is a game in which players experience being a young farmer. In this game, players get to undertake various farming tasks, including driving heavy equipment vehicles like a tractor. The main objective of the game is to have a bountiful harvest. This game has two missions to accomplish. The first mission has a time limit. In this mission, players go through an obstacle course as fast as they can. The second is a hay-bailing mission. In this task, players should be able to pull a hay baler carefully over cut wheat in order to make bales of hay. Players can win medals upon mission completion; if they accomplish missions without any errors, they can also win gold.

Farming-Simulator 2009 Demo features a simulator tractor based on an actual farm tractor. Players can also enjoy varied farming activities, and roam around the island. There are also other cars and vehicles within the island that a player can encounter.

The game interface consists of menus where players are given a selection of tractors to choose from, as well as select a mission to do and save the game. Users can customize the game’s setting according to their own preferences. The game screen displays the time left in the mission, their distance from the finished line, and the amount of gas and money they have left.