Farm Mania - Hot Vacation

Realore Games (Shareware)

Realore Games developed Farm Mania - Hot Vacation. This game was released on March 2001. This is a time-management farming game with a travel theme. Anna and Bob, together with their grandparents, embark on vacations to scenic destinations like Australia, China, and Egypt. While vacationing all over the world, these characters take part in farming competitions to show everyone that they are the best at what they do.

In Farm Mania - Hot Vacation, the objective of the game is for the player to emerge victorious in the Best Farmer Competition. Aside from handling various farming tasks, players also have to start looking after animals other than the ones usually domesticated. There are challenges involving peacocks, ostriches, antelopes, and other creatures. Different crops have to be planted and tended as well. Players will deal with an assortment of fruits including papaya, pomegranate, and kiwi. In addition to the exotic animals and vegetation the player needs to take care of, there are various goals to accomplish throughout the game and at every level, as well as a number of mini-games to finish. The mini-games add to the variations in gameplay and offer a change of pace from earlier games of the farm-management type.