Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes 1.1

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes is a casual computer game that requires the player to manage a farm. Set during the time of the Vikings, the player takes on a role of a Northern European Viking. While his comrades are busy raiding and exploring other lands, he rather stay at home. This is because he wants to farm rather than explore the world and plunder other lands. When building and managing the farm, the player is tasked to make it grow and earn.

In Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes, managing the farm means attending to most of the tasks that must be performed every day and every night. Plants must be given water, which can be collected from the deep well. These plants can grow crops that can be sold on the market. The animals must also be given water and food. These animals, like the chicken, can produce goods that can also be sold. Alternatively, these goods can be processed to make refined products. Selling these goods can be used to expand the farm, buy more animals, and purchase upgrades. The farm must also be protected from outside animals, like the bear. The player’s animals can be given battle gear to protect themselves during attacks.