Farm Frenzy: Pizza Party 1.0

Melesta (Shareware)

Farm Frenzy: Pizza Party is the third entry in the Farm Frenzy installment of games. It was officially released in 2009. Like the previous entries, it is a time management game in which the player takes care of livestock (pigs, chickens, cows and goats) so they can produce goods. The produced goods can either be sold or sent to farm buildings to produced processed goods. In some levels, the player must also buy products from the city (e.g. yeast) to combine to the farm products to create complicated goods (e.g. dough).

Farm Frenzy: Pizza Party is mostly the same as previous installments. Although there have also been some few changes in the game. One major change is the addition of a new gameplay. Aside from the usual caring of livestock and producing goods, the player is also required to create different pizza flavors by combining the produced goods. Aside from this, the game also made changes in the planes and trucks. Unlike previous installments, these two game elements can now be upgraded. The plane is also faster than before. The map has also been revamped wherein several levels open at certain levels. This feature is not available in the previous entries.