Farm Frenzy 1.0

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Farm Frenzy is a casual farming game that was first released in 2007. In the game, users must manage a farm and take care of a group of animals. The game can be controlled with just the mouse. The player’s goal is to take care of the animals’ basic needs so that they can produce goods that can be sold for cash. Water and food are the basic needs of the animals. The animals produce some goods that can be combined in order to come up with more expensive products.

In addition to taking care of the animals, players must also fend off enemies that visit the farm and harm the animals. The enemies in the game are bears. They can be eliminated by repeatedly clicking on them to lock them in a cage.

There are a set of objectives that players need to fulfill for each level of the game. These can be getting a certain number of products or reaching a monetary goal. Upon completing a level, stars are awarded to the player. These stars are used for upgrading the farm equipment. Several awards are unlocked, too, after completing a set of objectives.

Farm Frenzy is available in different platforms (iPhone, Nintendo DS, Android, etc).